Popular Method To Slow Down Aging


We all comes in different shapes, sizes and colours but are all born with similar imprint to a limited physical longevity and genetically created to experience aging, wrinkles, sagging skin, stored body fat and it goes on and on. And all of these are unstoppable. These limitations are "normal" to us as human beings. Alghough, such limitations drives us to "desire" something different, something good. As desire-driven as we are, just to satisfy our worldly needs and to feel good about ourselves. Just when you look at your self in the mirror this morning or last night. The moment you see those unsightly things that are mentioned above, you start to feel sad or down. Don't you? I do, not all the time though. If only we can stay healthy and young physically as long as we want! We all would like to stay young and look good. Remember those teenage years when our skin is just perfect! The tone, the elasticity and the collagen production was at its best! Those are the developing years which is very short! Whoever did the programming on our genetic coding is faulty!


Modern Facelift


Anyway, back to the topic! Okay, so we have the so called procedure named facelift. From the word face and lift! It just goes to show that we all need a lift! It makes me think of a sagging facial skin when I hear the word face lift. Huh. What is facelfit? Well, these days the process it a lot easier as the procedure comes in surgical and non-surgical which means anyone can get it as long as the qualifications(s) are met. What qualifications? Plastic surgeons only perform facelift to a healthy person to ensure safety as the patient is the surgeon's responsibility once you will walk in to the procedure room. You will know all this on your initial consultation with the surgeon of your choice. Facelift cosmetic surgery is so popular these days specially to Hollywood people and even your local celebrities or your neighbour next door may have heard/undergone the procedure. To eliminate wrinkles on the facial area and tighten loose skin from the forehead and neck are the main purpose of the surgery. 


When it comes to qualifying the procedure, doctors normally conduct (as mentioned above) an initial consultation which will includes discussing the procedure and the patient's health status and history. Once it is done and everything is good in that area. You will be scheduled for an appointment. Most of the time, the doctors will give the patient a month or a couple of weeks to decide for a final appointment. This is to give you time to decide correctly which is important for you. Having all the right knowledge and understanding about the surgery that one has to take is utmost importance. 


Facelift is not cheap


As being said, the surgery is quite involved and nothing comes cheap with it. The price of surgery and other costs involved are discuss on your consultation. Most commonly the price varies upon many factors, it generally cost you around $3,000 for a one third part of your face when the surgery is perform. Who would want to only have one third of their face enhanced and the rest are wrinkly! Anyhow, if you are willing to pay $15,000 that will get you to a full or complete facelift surgery to the max! If you are ready to move forward, search your nearest plastic surgeon. In Sydney, you will find Dr Laith Barnouti as a recommended surgeon around. Good luck!